Bring the “magic of the season” to your family this Christmas with a visit from a Real Bearded Santa Claus.

DO NOT MISS SANTA THIS CHRISTMAS Book your special visit now

Please book well in advance.


Home Visits

  • Naughty and Nice electronic data base finger print check
  • Pictures with everyone (children and adults)
  • Listening to what the children would like for Christmas
  • Answering those difficult questions about the North Pole and how Santa delivers gifts (Santa will show the ‘Time Tinker’ as used on Christmas Eve) answer how old he is and more.
  • Reading of a Christmas story or
  • Santa telling The night before Christmas (in the first person and Southern hemisphere as written by Santa G)
  • Singing a Christmas Carol with everyone (Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer)
  • Santa will hand out presents provided for the children by the parents
  • Do not miss Santa this Christmas. Santa will wish everyone a Merry Christmas before he departs to the North Pole
  • These visits are usually 30 – 45 minutes in the evening. Parents and Grandparents have as much fun as the kids on these visits. It provides wonderful photo opportunities in your home!!

Sneek and Peek

$200 per visit
  • Have Santa G visit your home late Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning (from 11pm to 5am).
  • Do not miss Santa this Christmas. Santa will fill stockings and pull out presents from his magical toy sack while you and the kids watch from a ‘hidden location’.
  • After Santa G is finishing you can sneak them back to bed (usually when Santa puts the toy bag on his back) of course take pictures too or video this visit to relive again and again.
  • A prior visit to the home is a good idea so Santa has a clear idea of where to go and how to get there on the night.
  • Santa G has only a few slots available for this type of visit and limits visits to 10 -15 minutes at each home.

A special service for that special gift.


A unique delivery service by Santa Claus

Do you have a special item that needs to be delivered by Santa any time of the year?

Are you away from family or that special person and would like Santa to deliver on your behalf?

Are you popping the question and would like Santa to pop in with the ring?

A real bearded Santa clause

Want Santa & Mrs Claus to visit?

Santa's Suit

Santa G has 3 Santa suits depending on the type of event.

The suits are, the traditional crushed suit and a semi custom velour suit. 

The main suit for professional Christmas performance appearances is the fully custom made Coca Cola suit.

This suit allows for the traditional Coke suit look (Haddon Sundblom, no fur down the centre of the coat and no fur on the boots) and also transforms by adding fur on the boots and a thin strip down the coat for a more traditional look.

18c Gold plated buttons with the reindeers' names on them, Faux Polar bear fur, Gold thread, real leather belt with large custom reindeer buckle (18c Gold plated), real leather boots with brass buckles with the same fur as the suit. White parade gloves.

Santa casual option:

White shirt, Vest from the same material as the suit, same 18c Gold buttons, with Santa suit pants and boots.

A real bearded Santa Clause


Santa G is the right choice!

A Claus-net member

International brotherhood of professional Santa’s

Mrs Claus and helpers Graduate of The Santa Claus Conservatory (USA)

Preferred Santa Claus supplier status IKEA Australia

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